When sending a booking / Quote request to us, please remember the important information we require is: Number of passengers (appropriate size of bus) : Start time : Finish time : Pick-up and drop off places : The bus hire cost is a combination of all of these.

No, our bus / coach hire quotes include airport charges, tolls, fuel and wages Road user charges and taxes. Only if you change something like routing or times will we need to charge any extra.

Yes, certainly, we can accommodate your requirements for a coach hire of a quick 5 minute corporate transfers to multiple day whole of New Zealand tours up to 25 days. There is no minimum urban bus or tour coach hire.

Generally not, we operate road-side. Often driveways cannot cope with the weight of a bus ( up to 20 tonnes) and sometimes there isn’t turning space for us either.

Bottled water and some dry foods are ok, soft drink and alcohol, coffee are not. The bus may be hired by another group immediately after yours so it will need to be presented in the same condition as you had it at the beginning of your hire. Coaches have nice carpet and upholstery; spillages are very difficult & expensive to clean.

A bus is quite basic but designed to get you A to B, they do have 2 doors so are quick to load, fairly manoeuvrable and a bit cheaper to hire. We mostly use them for Auckland day hire and occasional out of town trips to Hamilton. A coach is air-conditioned, carpeted, individual seats, luggage storage, P.A system and normally a DVD player. They can travel around Auckland or out of town in comfort. We have a variety of sizes from 11-51 seat capacity coaches.

Yes, just ask. Sometime passengers just want a restful trip, others want full time entertainment.

Normally we have the customer sort this one out. As an organiser of a group, you find most hotels will provide a driver’s room free when you book the group’s accommodation. Meals are the same. The accommodation can be motel style accommodation, must have its own bathroom (toilet and shower), coffee making facilities and is warm and dry. Sorry for the safety of the passengers, our drivers cannot sleep on a Marae simply because they need to get a good sleep. Meals are the same, often a restaurant that is use to taking group bookings would be happy to provide drivers meals for free however, we can also arrange an allowance for meals and accommodation which the organiser would pay with their account.

Normally yes, but it’s up to the drivers discretion if it’s a road-side stop as to whether it’s safe enough to do so. Please also ensure you have enough time to get where you need to get to.

Each coach has built in luggage either underneath or as a rear, walk-in-luggage hold. Normally one medium – large sized suitcase and then one soft carry-on bag. It’s important to note, coaches are not like trucks in that they do have limited luggage capacity both in volume and weight and also very important, inside the cabin, the over-head compartments are smaller than in an aeroplane & don’t have doors so for passenger’s safety, soft bags only can be taken in the cabin.

The maximum length for a driver’s working day is 14 hours followed by a 10 hour rest. For multi day hires, we allow groups to have the coach and driver up to 11 hours from start (pick-up time) to finish 9 drop off) on any given day. This allows the driver a small amount of cleaning, re-fuelling and possible re-positioning to be done. If your itinerary requires more time, there may be additional charges and the requirement for an additional driver to take over the group’s transport. A rest of 30 minutes at least every 5 ½ hours is also required.

With every bus hire or coach charter, unless the routing has been stated on your original itinerary, we allow for certain routing (normally the shortest& fastest), other routings will add time and millage which will cost a little more. We are happy to provide this service provided the road is suitable and the driver has sufficient hours available to complete the journey in safety.